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TED Talks are a wonderful way to motivate and inform people. They have the capacity to communicate complex ideas to an audience in an enjoyable way. Over the years, TED Talks have been career-makers for people like Brene Brown. These talks provide life advice that can serve people well in anything they decide to pursue, including sports like golf.


Golf is a challenging game. It’s not as physically demanding as sports such as rugby, of course, but walking the course and hitting the ball far require fitness and focus. TED Talks are a great way for people to get fired up and motivated before hitting the links. But more importantly, TED Talks address the importance of having the right mindset to succeed.


Much of any sport is played between the ears, in the brains of the players. Golf is no exception. TED Talks by legendary coaches like John Wooden help people to understand how to measure their own success. Sometimes, winning isn’t getting the lowest score of your foursome. It can mean overcoming a personal challenge and reaching a personal milestone. This kind of perspective makes it easier for people to see successes they’ve already achieved and understand that more positive things will happen for them.


Grit is also a topic that many TED Talks address. Now, grit might sound like it doesn’t have a lot in common with a country club sport like golf. But grit serves people well in any environment. Grit is all about persistence, drive, and character. People with true grit don’t back down, no matter how tough the environment around them is or how many obstacles it contains. Diana Nyad’s TED Talk is a good listen for anyone who needs to learn more about perseverance and drive. 


Finally, confidence is another key that can influence someone’s success in any field. Confidence means knowing one’s own worth and projecting that outwards. Confident golfers approach each shot with a positive mindset and a knowledge that they’ve got this. Improving confidence makes it easier to succeed in all areas of life, whether that’s work, golf, or family matters. Joe Kowan’s TED Talk designed to help people overcome stage fright is a wonderful confidence-builder. Other great TED Talks about confidence include Amy Cuddy’s speech.