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Golf is one of the most popular leisure activities in the United States, but the sport still struggles to find a large television audience. Casual golf fans would rather go to their local course than watch the professionals. They also prefer watching other sports when given the chance. This can be directly attributed to the way golf is broadcasted on a weekly basis. These are the three best ways to improve how golf is presented on television.


Mic Up the Players


The recent televised golf event that pitted Tiger Woods and Peyton Manning against Phil Michelson and Tom Brady was a massive success. While the event benefited from a lack of competition, it was still able to captivate its six million viewers for more than four hours. Putting a microphone on the four players was one of the big reasons for the massive success. Hearing the fun banter and in-depth conversations about upcoming shots was riveting. The PGA is filled with big personalities, but the golfers only get a chance to show off their funny side on podcasts and other obscure interviews. Listening to conversations on the course is the key to drawing in the casual sports fan.


Integrate More Statistics


Passionate sports fans have a deep appreciation for statistics. This is why fantasy sports are so popular. While stats are constantly listed on the screen during a football or baseball game, they are rarely used on a golf telecast. This needs to change in a hurry. Put up the average distance to the pin as the player is approaching the green. List putting percentages every time a player steps up to put. These stats will give the casual golf fan a better appreciation for the spectacular moments.


Interview Players During Their Round


It is extremely common for a basketball or football player to get interviewed during the game, but this is never done in golf. It is time to start talking to golfers after they have finished their first nine holes. This will essentially work like a halftime interview from other sports. The golfers will be able to provide detailed information about the course and playing conditions that only they know. Using a celebrity or comedic broadcaster will make these interviews even more fun.