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Golfing is all about reading the green, but there are plenty of books that can help you improve your game or even your outlook on life. Life can get busy, but both being out on the green and curling up with a good book provide great ways to kick back and relax. Fortunately for those that have golf as a favorite hobby, there are plenty of books focused on the sport.


Most golf courses sit in the middle of country clubs people cannot afford which is why most people associate golf courses with wealth. But paying a premium for the sport hasn’t always been the case. Years ago there were people that couldn’t afford to get on the green so they had to find ways to make their dream a reality. If you’re looking for a book about the history of golf from a perspective of someone that couldn’t afford it, “Getting on the Dance Floor: An Oral History of American Golf” provides an intriguing read.


Learning the proper techniques for swinging a club is definitely an important aspect of understanding golf. “On Learning Golf” is a book written over 75 years ago, but its thorough approach to the sport and easy to understand style make it an essential handbook for modern golfers. One thing you will notice in reading this book is that golf has simply not changed much since this book was written.


What also hasn’t changed is the wit of the men and women who swing a club. “The Book of Golf Disasters” draw on the experiences of over 200 golfers throughout the sport’s history. This book shows how those golfers that seem like they are pretty stable can be nervous wrecks during an intense golf game.


Memoirs by prestigious golfers who have and long careers in the game are also a great resource for those wanting to know more about their favorite hobby. There is no one in golf as popular as Arnold Palmer. After all, he has a drink named after him that is delicious. “A Golfer’s Life” by Arnold Palmer covers the life of a man who grew to be a legend and crossed some of the most important generations in golf history to date.