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Nordo Nissi


Outside of his busy career, Nordo Nissi enjoys spending time golfing to unwind.

Nordo Nissi III is a skilled professional and experienced entrepreneur based in Grotton, Massachusetts, and Stamford, Connecticut, who is working in real estate development and finance. Outside of his busy career, Nordo Nissi enjoys spending time golfing to unwind. 

From the time he was young, Nordo Nissi has loved spending time on the links. Growing up, his father played regularly, and Nordo began developing his interest by caddying for his father. While helping his father caddy, Nordo even had the chance to play with him a little bit and was hooked. After having children, he got busy with life and fell out of his golfing routine. 

Now that his kids have since grown up and moved out on their own, Nordo Nissi has gotten back into the swing of things and is regularly playing rounds again. He golfs regularly on the Cape and in Florida, and, while he wishes he were more skilled – it gives him something to shoot towards. 

For Nordo Nissi, playing golf reminds him a lot of sailing, in terms of the seclusion. When he and his wife go golfing, they’re together for 18 holes of golf, dedicating several hours of time to spend connecting with one another. Much like sailing – where you’re alone with your companions and the water – golf affords a great place for conversation and platform on which to communicate. It’s one of his favorite ways to pass the time with the people he loves. Nordo has two grandsons now, one of whom is going to be spending time on the Cape with him this summer, and he’s looking forward to teaching him everything there is to know about golf, and tennis, too. 


Professionally, Nordo Nissi works in finance and real estate development. He’s a Financial Advisor at Pleasant Street Wealth Advisors, LLC, and a Project Manager at Pleasant Street Management, LLC, which he founded with his wife in 2017. Through these businesses, the pair are able to operate in their own lane of real estate development, purchasing individual properties and living in them while working on refurbishing and renovating them until the property is ready to be sold. Nordo Nissi and his wife also like traveling, whether it’s to visit their children who live all across the country or to Europe where they can explore new places and reminisce at familiar ones.  

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